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Kiser DragMaster®

The arena drag with no limits and no equal.

The Kiser DragMaster® is the most trusted arena drag in the world for all equine events, both English and Western! Earning the trust of the World Equestrian Games, AQHA, NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA and more is not easy. It can only be earned with hard work and proven results over a long period of time. Today, the Kiser Dragmaster® is the arena drag to which all other arena drags are measured. It is the pinnacle of the arena drag market, bar none. What makes the Kiser DragMaster® so special and different from the rest? It begins with the design. Flawless arena drag design comes from a complete understanding of every facet of horse arena construction and maintenance combined with exceptional understanding of how different types of equipment affect a variety of soil combinations and conditions. This knowledge can only be earned over a lifetime of resolute dedication to study and testing. The Kiser DragMaster® is the fruit of Bob & Jim Kiser’s passion for moving the industry beyond what was possible by helping to maximize performance, protect from injury and increase longevity of the competitive life of the horse. Key design innovations of the Kiser DragMaster® include:

  • Tow behind trailing style enables independence from tractor undulations and creates a perfect ground plane.
  • All ground engaging components are independently adjustable from the frame for the ultimate in control.
  • Profile Blade Technology cleans the top of the base surface of compaction layers and eliminates ridging.
  • Hydraulic control of the functions of the drag, from the seat of the tractor, enables efficiency and precision.
  • Massive PTO watering system mixes water into the foot- ing to control dust and maintain proper moisture levels.
  • Versatile design for both English & Western equine disciplines in any soil type or condition.
Kiser Dragmaster Design

Revolutionary Design & Industry Exclusive Features:

Motor Grader Style Ground Plane: The pull behind design offers a long distance between the tractor wheels and the DragMaster wheels. The leveling blade sits in between these wheels creating the perfect ground plane that is critical for level consistent footing. Independently Controlled Hydraulic Leveling Blade: This hydraulic grading system is independent from the frame and other ground engaging components. This enables precision leveling without changing the conditioning depth. 300 - 500 Gallon Watering System: Evenly distributes up to 500 gallons of water with variable flow control from the seat of the tractor. This is the largest capacity on the market. Profile Blade Technology: Profile Blades loosen 100% of the arena footing with every pass eliminating ridging. Independently Controlled Components: >All ground conditioning components are independent from one another to offer the user absolute control over the footing. Read more about these features below.

Hydraulic Grading / Leveling Blade:

The grading blade of the DragMaster is hydraulically controlled from the seat of the tractor. This blade operates independently from the main frame, which allows the operator to control the amount of material being moved without adjusting the rest of the action of the DragMaster. Because the distance between the DragMaster’s axle and the back tires of the tractor create a "ground plane" and because the grading blade is in the middle of this "ground plane", keeping an arena perfectly level has never been easier. The DragMaster’s grading blade is curved which makes the footing material roll forward, has closed ends to keep footing material on the blade and has an adjustable cylinder on one side of the blade, which allows for grading a crowned arena.
Hydraulic Grading Blade
Adjustable Grooming Rods

Adjustable Grooming Rods:

Following the grading blade are two rows of offset grooming rods. These rods are designed to be the initial loosening action and serve the purpose of incorporating the DragMaster’s water into the footing. If the operators desire is for the DragMaster to create a smooth base (for Reining or Dressage for example) then these grooming rods can be set slightly shallower than the Profile Blade. If the desired effect is for a little bit of scaring on the base for grip, than these grooming rods can be set slightly deeper than the Profile Blade. The DragMaster’s grooming rods are 25.4mm in diameter, offer up to ten inches of depth, and the two rows are offset to give the maximum loosening coverage. They are also connected to the main frame of the Dragmaster and can all be adjusted at one time as they begin to wear down.

Hydraulic Scarifier System:

The DragMaster’s, scarifier bar is needed when the arena footing easily compacts and the density of the footing requires more of a "chisel" effect for it to be loosened. These scarifiers are hydraulically controlled from the seat of the tractor and are operated independently from the main frame of the DragMaster. This allows the operator to use the scarifiers as needed while either taking the Dragmaster out of action, or leaving the DragMaster to work the ground. The scarifier tips are made from a hardened, wear resistant, steel and are bolt on for easy replacement.
Hydraulic Scarifier System
Hydraulic Trasnport & Gauge Wheels

Hydraulic Transport & Gauge Wheels: (4 Tires)

The DragMaster’s Gauge Wheels and axle are the "heart" of this Arena Drag. The floatation tires (4 of them) support the weight of the DragMaster and water tank and keep it’s loosening depth perfectly consistent with every pass. These Gauge Wheels are also used for transportation and are controlled by hydraulics. At the center of the axle is a hydraulic cylinder that controls the raising and lowering of the axle and wheels. This cylinder has a series of "stop collars" and an adjusting nut that gives the operator 100% control of the depth of the loosening action. Simply find the proper depth for the Profile Blade and Grooming Rods and then set your adjustable nut and stop collars so that every time the DragMaster is raised and lowered, the exact amount of depth is consistent within 1.6mm. These Gauge Wheels also act in conjunction with the rear tires of the tractor to make a "land plane" which allows the Grading Blade to easily smooth out and level an arena.

Revolutionary Profile Blades:

The patented Profile Blades of the DragMaster will loosen 100% of the arena footing with every pass! No longer does an operator have to make multiple passes to loosen all the footing. These Profile Blades slice through the footing similar to a "sod cutter" or a knife through a stick of butter loosening the footing material from the bottom up, not the top down. This eliminates ALL ridges in the footing allowing the footfall of the horse to be flat and perfect every time! An additional benefit of the Profile Blades is that, at what ever depth the Profile Blade is working, it is re-establishing the base. So this makes the DragMaster the only arena drag on the market that can adjust the depth of the footing, both deeper and shallower, with every pass.
Revolutionary Profile Blades
Finishing Drag Bars

Finishing Drag Bars:

The Drag Bars of the DragMaster are designed to leave a signature finish while moving the footing to fill in any small holes. These bars can be adjusted to apply the perfect amount of pressure to the footing depending on the make up of, and the amount of moisture in, the footing.

300 - 500 Gallon PTO Water System:

The amount of water in your footing is critical to its strength, cushion and rebound; not to mention dust control! The DragMaster has the largest watering system available on any arena drag in the world. All sizes come standard with a 300-gallon tank and the 3.05m - 4.88m models have an optional 500-gallon upgrade available. The Dragmaster’s watering system has a PTO driven pump that puts out up to 62 gallons per minute through four (4) nozzles mounted in front of the Grader Blade. Being able to control the volume of water applied to the footing from the seat of the tractor is critical to getting an even distribution. With the DragMaster, you will no longer have wet and dry spots or too much water at the ends. The Dragmaster makes applying the right amount of water a simple task!
300 Gallon Water System

Rail / Wall Blade:

The rail blade attaches to the leveling blade to pull built up material away from the wall or rail in the horse arena.The rail blade cuts into the built up material and forces it on to the leveling blade to be reincorporated into the arena. Saves countless hours or manual labor, enables the tractor operator to not need to maneuver as close to the wall & provides safer footing along the outside rail of the arena.

Spray / Fire Hose:

The spray hose attaches to the PTO powered water system via a quick coupler. It includes an adjustable spray nozzle for light misting or high pressure use. Most customers use this hose to water areas the DragMaster is unable to reach, such as arena corners, boxes & chutes. It also works great to wash down arena walls, water small round pens, water horse walker areas, water plants and even wash down the DragMaster and other equipment.

500 Gallon Water System Upgrade:

DragMasters that are ten foot and wider may be equipped with an optional 500 gallon PTO watering system that replaces the standard 300 gallon system. This is ideal for large outdoor arenas in dry climates or facilities that have multiple arenas to maintain. This 500 gallon water system may replace the need to purchase an additional water wagon/trailer, sprinkler system or water truck. This depends on a number of variables. The system can mist or put out up to 62 gallons of water per minute. Due to the added weight of 200 additional gallons of water this system also requires an upgrade to the wheel system of the DragMaster. This option includes the larger tank and the wheel system upgrade. As a result this option is not available aftermarket.

Custom Configuration:

This web page shows the dragMaster in what we call a "Fully Loaded" state. This is the configuration most of our customers will need. However some customers may not need all the included features so they may be removed from the DragMaster. For example: Some indoor arenas the have a pure sand may not need the hydraulic scarifier system. Indoor arenas the have an overhead watering system may not need the PTO water system. Some customers with custom configured hydraulics on their tractor and may not need the hydraulic sequence valve. Although these features may be removed to lower the purchase price ABI recommends the "Fully Loaded" configuration for the vast majority of our customers.
Part #
Working Width:
Min. Horse Power:
45 h.p.
55 h.p.
65 h.p.
Unit Weight:
Leveling Blade
Hydraulic Control 50.8mm x 203.2mm Cylinder
Laser Ready:
# of Grooming Rods:
Grooming Rod Spacing:
203.2mm Center Per Bar 101.6mm Space Between
Grooming Rod Gauge:
Grooming Rods:
Adjustable & Replaceable
# of Scarifiers:
Scarifier System:
Hydraulic Control 50.8mm x 203.2mm Cylinder
Scarifier Tips:
Replaceable Hardened Steel
Profile Blade Technology:
Footing Profile Coverage:
Water System:
PTO Control
PTO Control
PTO Control
Water Tank:
300 gal.
300 gal.
300 gal.
Water Tank Upgrade:
500 gal.
500 gal.
PTO Pump:
Cast iron 6-roller pump with Buna-N shaft seals and Super Rollers.
Max. flow 62 gpm; Max. pressure 150 psi
Hydraulic Ports Required:
2 Sets of Ports (2 In & 2 out)
Hydraulic Hoses:
Included - #8
Included - #8
Included - #8
Wheel Lift System:
Hydraulic Control 101.6mm x 203.2mm Cylinder
# of Wheels:
Standard Tires:
11L - 15SL I-1 8-ply, 777mm MTD Diam., 272mm MTD Width, 36 Max PSI
Tires Used With 500 Gallon Optional Water System:
31L - 15.5 15 8-ply, 777mm MTD Diam.
363mm MTD Width, 45 Max PSI
Hitch Type:
Designed Use:
Horse Arena Only
Horse Arena Only
Horse Arena Only
Rust Resistant Black Gloss Powder Coating
1 Year Limited
1 Year Limited
1 Year Limited
"I love the Kiser Dragmaster a lot. It does a fantastic job with my arena. I drag my arena about six times a week, sometimes even twice a day and its consistent every time." - Mike
"The Kiser Dragmaster is a Great tool. I have had it for a couple of years now and I only had to replace a couple of wear parts but I use it everyday so it was a great investment." - Kermit
"I keep looking for ways to improve my Kiser Dragmaster but there isn't anything I can do. The Kiser Dragmaster is by far the best tool out on the market." - Jim
"I am no stranger to the Kiser Dragmaster and have always known that they work well but have had a hard time justifying the price. That said with just over a week using the drag I can say it is well worth the price. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in maintaining, laser leveling and re-leveling the arena. Also endless hours spent trying to create a consistent depth footing with a even and safe base all because of poorly designed arena drags. I have tried every trick in the book to compensate for design flaws that with time exaggerates problems in your base or footing. In addition to the time and money spent on the arena we have also spent an equal amount of dollars on injuries and lost time on our reining horse because of less than adequate footing. With our investment in time and money with our show horses we cannot afford to have a horse out of training for 60 days or more because of an injury, or because we are unable to stop our horses because of an uneven base or inconsistent footing. After two one hour sessions with the Dragmaster trueing up our arena I walked and measured our 160'x300' outdoor arena and not only was it all the same depth but with the footing pulled back the base was perfectly flat. The profile blade is amazing! An added benefit to the Kiser drag is with an outdoor arena in the winter months our arena drains and dries faster because of consistent depth and a true and flat base to aid in drainage. Also because the drag moves through the footing you are able to get back on the arena sooner unlike other drags, like the name implies they pull the footing creating a mess when the footing is wet." - Jim